6 Ways To Use Short Videos To Accelerate Your Business

8 March 2015

If you’ve never used video as a viable means for marketing your business, you’re missing out.

Videos, as it turns out, prove to be the catalyst for an online business. While information on the internet will always be associated with the text, online marketing has evolved and allowed videos to become a viable, and a profitable, marketing option.

If you’re not using videos for your business, you’re leaving money on the table. Incorporating short videos in your business will allow you to reach a broader segment of the market and help you get more attention, more leads and more sales.

Why short video?

If you look at some of the most watched videos online, videos that go viral, you’ll find that nearly all of them fall in the 3-5 minute bracket. There’s a reason that short videos gain more popularity than the longer ones.

And the reason has its root in psychology….

….as in commitment.

Short videos require a lower commitment on the user’s part. A 3 minute video seems easier to watch than a 10 minute video if they deliver the same information. And the thing with short videos is that, if you start, you can’t stop at 1. You spend a lot of time watching them and end up spending more time than if you were to watch 1 long video.

That’s the reason vines (6 seconds) and videos on Instagram (Instavids – 15 seconds) and Facebook videos (2-3 minutes) are gaining wild popularity.

The research has been done for you. The video trend has just started out and will explode in the future. The research has been done for you so take advantage of the trend, jump on the bandwagon and rake in your share of the profit.

Here are some of the ways that you can use video marketing and take your business to the next level:

1. About us

If you believe the experts, ‘About Us’ page is the second most viewed page of any website.

Adding a short video – mentioning who you are, your story, what you intend to do through your site – instead of the usual text, will quickly separate you from all your competition.

People love to do business with real people, people just like them. And when they realize that there is actually a person behind the website – as opposed to a corporation who only views them as a number – they become more receptive to your message and the probability of them doing business with you shoots up.

You’ll have better rapport with your customers which will result in more engagement with them; in terms of comments, liking, sharing….everything.

This is a sure fire way to increase the dialogue on your site because more comments mean more time spent, more user activity which all leads to google viewing you highly and ranking your site better.

2. Deliver information

Delivering killer information in the form of tips and useful techniques that help your audience through videos is another way – a very effective one – of giving away content.

This perfectly caters to those who skim read and lack the patience required to read a full article. They’ll simply gloss over the headline, try to get an idea and connect the dots in their head.

And you know how human mind works, right? Show ten people the same scene and every one of them will tell you a different story.

Attention spans are declining. People skim read, listen to a part of the song, watch the most entertaining scene of a movie, talk in fragments…..why not give these folks something to chew on?

Without doing so you risk alienating a large chunk of your audience, and of course, sales.

Make short bite-sized digestible videos that people gives out the main idea, upload it up on youtube and put the link to the blog post underneath the video.

This keeps both types of people happy – dudes and dudettes who are borderline ADD and the patient deep thinkers….those who are in the swing of reading full blog posts.

Real life example: I’m a diehard UFC fan and can watch interviews, press conferences and radio shows for hours on end and not get bored one bit. While I love every bit of the sport, there are situations when I’m crunched for time and cannot watch the entire 30 minute video to find out what’s going on.

There’s this new youtube channel called ‘MMA Digest’ which offers all the news and latest information in short 3-5 minute videos. It’s informative, fast paced and gives you a lowdown on the current happenings in the UFC in a couple of minutes. MMA Digest has now become my favorite UFC channel now and I rave about it to everyone I know and click on every one of their ads.

The take home message is to make quick short videos offering 1 helpful tip in the niche you’re in and then putting a link underneath the video to the full blog post or the full video on your site.

Or better yet, embed the video on your website followed by the blog post or description….whatever rocks your boat.

3.Turn your blog into a vlog

Ever wondered why the kids on youtube talking about life, or girls offering makeup advice, or guys showing their actual workouts are so popular?

Because they consistently vlog, that’s why.

They can offer the same thing via a text on their blog, but chose to do it through video because they know that it’s hard to ignore someone who’s talking about something that you’re passionate about.

Every so often make a video about something that people are talking about in your niche….

…..the biggest fears, the major roadblocks, the sticking points and what to do to move past them and the general conversation that your ‘ideal prospect’ has in their head.

Even though offering information through text is great, but seeing someone sitting across you builds a kind of deep unconscious trust that words can’t do.

You can make a video of yourself talking into a camera or make a power point presentation and expand on the points as you go through the video. (Use a software like ‘Camtasia Studio’ for recording).

The videos might be messy at first, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. Once you gain enough confidence, start posting them online and see the response.

 4. Tech How tos

If you’re in a niche that involves a lot of technical stuff or requires a lot of figuring out, make a ‘walkthrough video’ and guide people along very step of the way.

Most people, myself included, would rather watch a video and follow along than waste time in trying to do re-invent the wheel and figure everything out on their own. It saves time and avoids frustration that comes with venturing down the wrong path.

While trying to figure out your own path may have its merits, but people would rather follow directions from a map than take the road less travelled.

Make sure to use the right keywords and it won’t be long before your video starts ranking in google and you earn some major traffic because of it.

5. Interview Experts

Another way to beef up the content quotient of your site and become an authority in your niche is to interview other experts in your niche.

Find out who the ‘big boys’ in your niche are, interview them and put the interview on your site….both a short version and a longer version.

You become an authority to your audience by being well connected and knowing the experts and the person being interviewed benefits from the popularity he/she earns as a result.

Win-win for both.

This method works best if you’re not an expert in your niche and are still learning about everything. You’ll not only learn a lot but you’ll also quickly gain a celebrity status in your niche.

(Real life example – Back in the dawn of the internet marketing, David DeAngelo – pen name for Eben Pagan – used this strategy to build a multi-million dollar business and become the no. 1 guy in the dating advice for men niche.)

6. Testimonials

Proof. How can you forget about offering proof that your product works and does everything that you claim it does?

A sales process is incomplete without proof. And what better way to offer proof than give real life examples of someone who used and benefitted from the product?

Text works, no doubt. But you know what works better?


Seeing someone in real life having used your product and telling their story. When people see someone just like them benefitting from the product, it becomes more believable. Plus, video testimonials ‘appear’ real because text can be fabricated and written by anyone (whisper: scammers).

Often a good testimonial is enough to drill past the skepticism and flip the switch in the buyer’s head.

Ask for video testimonials from people who buy your products and use them. Some will gladly do it, while others will chose to offer textual ones….and that’s okay.

Use a combination of both in your marketing and the response will surely go up.

Some of the notoriously rich marketers that I know go top heavy on the video testimonials and so should you, if you care about playing in the big leagues and making some serious money.

And that’s about it. That is a lot of information for one post. If you were reading everything through the lens of your own business, you should have more than a plethora of ideas how you can pack a punch with your content strategy and ‘rock it’ in 2015.

Did I miss anything? Want to add anything of your own? Give me a shout out and voice your opinion in the comments section. I read every comment, you know.


  • Sol says:

    Really great article.

    Once thing I have noticed about testimonials, is most of them talk about how great the product is, and when you buy it, you find out that it is completely useless. And that is the point you ask for a refund and mostly unsubscribe from the list.

    I really like to test trial versions of $1 risk free products. Hence the former one is my top priority as I don’t like to spend even the $1 on something and then regret about it.

    Therefore, I think you may mention giving trial versions or limited products to people. This is a nice way to reduce the number of refunds.


  • Terry Fennell says:

    A very interesting and informative article. Although a long one, I read it all, not skimmed!
    I receive many Health related emails with videos that are far too long, they drone on
    without giving the facts. I f you try to close the tab most will offer you the transcript that you can then
    skim, as the text is too long with too much padding.
    There is a belief that long copy sells more than short copy sales pages. That is OK if the the copy is full of information, The problem is that most are full of repitition, that is why most prospects scroll to the bottom of the page to see the price first.
    Thee are of course exceptions to every rule and if I come across a good sales letter, that gives me
    valuable information, that is useful and tells me a lot, about the product, I read it all.

  • Gary Smith says:

    😉 So where is the brief video of you introducing the “6 Ways” at the top of your article? … telling us to read every word below to get the maximum benefits… then the link at the bottom that says, “To see examples of each… Click Here!

  • Mary Mangold says:

    Very good article. Excellent tips. All true. THANK YOU.

  • John Munns says:

    I think this should have been a short video. 🙂

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