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19 February 2015

After launching several products online, conducting hundreds of training webinars and providing a lot of value for  thousands of customers we have finally decided to build a home for everything we do online.

Today marks the official launch of our new brand, ProfitSetGo – a ‘hub’ for all our internet marketing doings!  This is where me and my team will be doing most of our work now and you can find out all about our products and strategies.

We promise you killer information about the latest developments in the internet marketing world through this blog, as well as tips and ideas to help you generate more leads, increase your list and make more MONEY – Keep checking this place frequently and subscribe/whitelist our email address to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Now, I know I promised that I’ll announce the winner of the ‘Name The Blog’ contest in this post, but let’s run through a quick tour of the new site first:

Like us on Facebook


First, make sure you become a Facebook Fan for our new Fanpage. We are going to be posting regular updates and special deals & discounts for our Fans ONLY.

Click here to – Visit Our New Fan Page.

Check Out Our Products Portfolio

Many of our customers, always ask where they can go to find other products we have created.

From now on, you can do this by browsing the “Our Products” area on this website and get a break down of each of the different products we have launched and/or coming under our new ProfitSetGo brand.

Each product we create is backed by our 24/7 support team and was created by our team of professional developers, designers and marketers. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, feel free to contact us at any time – Contact US!

(NOTE: We are still working on the New Support Desk so you will only be able to contact us only through contact form for now).

Make Money as an Affiliate?

We are working on a centralized affiliate system, where you will be able to earn lifetime commissions for any visitor you send to our sales pages.

Our products have a high demand in the market and always end up over-delivering. For that reason, lots of customers end up promoting our products. If you have a list and value a money making opportunity, checkout our affiliate platform by clicking the button below:


( NOTE: Lots of things are still “work in progress” here at ProfitSetGo – Big Things Need Time. However, we’ll do our best to put everything togheter as soon as possible. Plus: While we are working on the whole platform, I’ll be posting some awesome information on the blog each week which, trust me, you don’t want to miss. So make sure you Join the facebook community and subscribe to my mailing list, if you haven’t already. )

Okay, so now on to the contest …

Last week, in my e-mail I asked you to come up with a name for our new “hub”.

A name that was easy to remember, professional and communicated the essence of my business – The prize was $50 transferred straight to your paypal account.

The reward got a lot of folks hyped up and I received a lot of entries. Some were good, some were in the ‘okay’ category while others, let’s just say that I cringe when I think about them.

Here’s the twist in the tale – While most of the entries were good and I could’ve done fine with any one of them, the name profitsetgo was suggested by one of my friends … someone outside of the mailing list that haven’t had the chance to participate in the contest.

I really liked the name and decided to go with it.

But just to keep it fair, I’ll be keeping my word and choosing a winner randomly through random.org to prevent any case of favoritism. For those who don’t know, random.org uses its algorithms and picks a random selection from the list and there’s no way you can manipulate it. So whoever is picked is picked by a computer, not by me.

I did choose the winner last night and the name chosen by the computer, the person who gets 50 bucks is…

Rafael Pardo

Congratulations Mr. X you just won yourself $50 for taking a stab and participating in the contest.

And here’s the proof that I did ‘spin the wheel’ at random.org and this contest was ‘genuine’ :


I’ll be sending you your prize very soon – You already have an email from me in your inbox (Don’t share your paypal account in here).

Go buy a shirt or treat yourself to a cup of coffee from me, will ya?
That’s it for now.

We Would Love Your Feedback

As you can see, our entire team is trying to build a really SOLID thing here at ProfitSetGo. We would love to hear your thoughts about this new project that we are working on.

What do you think about it? How would you improve It (the idea behind it ) ? Leave your comments below …


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