Wunder Banner Product Review

30 March 2015

Creator: Lee Pennington
Type: Web Software
Pros: Makes adding “sticky things” that can drastically improve conversions ridiculously easy.
Cons: Works with only 6 autoresponders.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m always on the lookout for ways to simplify things and make them easier.

Be it traffic generation, content marketing, making beautiful looking sales pages or building relationships with your lists.

Because simple things get implemented and implementation gives results.

And I just found a really cool piece of software that takes simplicity to a whole new level.

I’m talking about ‘Wunder Banner’.

Wunder Banner, if you don’t happen to know, is a simple software that allows you to create all types of call to action buttons and beautiful banners to your site with the sole purpose of getting more engagement on the part of the user and ultimately getting action.

Why should you use banners, anyways?

See, with information being bombarded at us with all angles and the rapid decline in attention spans, it’s getting harder and harder to hook a visitor. All it takes is one second of snap decision to decide whether to stay on a site or not.

We’re all essentially borderline ADD.

The first sign that they don’t find your site intriguing or find it too hard to figure out what to do next, they’ll bail and bop over to some site that will engage them and give them a clear path to follow.

That’s why some of the most prolific sites on the net – sites that get the most stellar readership – are using banners to engage with their readers.

And that’s exactly what the top marketers are doing.

Incorporating banners in your marketing strategy would not only increase your engagement with your customers but also make it easy for you to track results.

This is precisely where ‘Wunder Banner’ comes in.

You don’t need to hunt for a programmer to do all these things for you because you’d be able to do it for yourself even if you can’t write a simple ‘hello world’ program.

Or even if you don’t know what that is.

You can use wunder banner to do a myriad of things on your site; create banners, popups, opt-in forms, place social buttons, display geo-targeted messages, a countdown timer and a lot more.

All this in 3 simple steps.

No prior programming knowledge or any technical knowledge is required for you to start creating banners. Realistically speaking, if you can use power point or have ever used it in your life, using wunder banner won’t be a big deal.

Everything comes down to these 3 simple steps:

Create – Choose the color theme that you want your banner; text color, background color and the text you want to create. Decide whether you want to place the banner on top, at the bottom or make it sticky.

wunder banner product review

Add Components – Depending on what you’re going for, add components to your banner. You can add things like countdown timer, display a geo-targeted message, have your social buttons and do other stuff with it. You can even display a call to action in there and ask for people to subscribe. And probably the best of the lot…


Preview – Preview everything before making it permanent at the click of a button. No need to go to your site and make changes from there. Simply preview the changes from your wunder banner dashboard and make it permanent once you’ve created what you wanted.

wunder banner review bonus

Wunder banner makes it easy for you to tap into the latest marketing technology and essentially brings it all down to a click of a button.

Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Here are the components that you can add to your banners and make them better suited to your marketing strategy:

Opt-In Forms – Wunder banner currently supports Aweber, Go-To Webinar, Mail Chimp, Get Response, Send Reach and Campaign Monitor.

Social Buttons – Place your social buttons on a banner and give people another opportunity to engage with you socially. You can integrate Facebook, Google+ and Twitter buttons.

RSS Feed – Just put in the url and let wunder banner do the rest.

Timer – Place a timer on one of the banners. Perfect if you’re doing a product launch and want to convey a sense of scarcity to convert casual people.

Call Now Button – The tap to call feature will allow visitors to phone you directly and give you an opportunity to convert hot leads…people who’re ready to buy.

Geo Tagging – Display a custom message to the visitor based on their location.

Discount Cards – Place a discount button on the banner and a popup will appear when people will click on it where you can give further instructions on how to get the discount.

Icon Lead Integration – Icon lead allows you to create an icon that glows and anchors the attention where you want it to be.

Upload Mp3 – Greet a user with a personal message or do a free audio giveaway, or play music in the background.

Custom Call To Action – If you have something totally different in mind and want to create your own custom banner, this is where you get that option.

It’s all pretty simple to use but if your find yourself stuck somewhere, there’s an entire library of videos that take you by the hand point A to point Z; from logging in to wunder banner all the way to taking your first banner live and everything in between…..

……all you have to do is simply follow along.

And of course, you can be as creative as you like. Use your graphic designer skills and mix and match and test out what works for you.

My Experience: After critically testing it from every possible way, the only thing that I think that Wunder banner lacks is support from different autoresponders.

Currently, wunder banner only offers support for Aweber, Go-To Webinar, Mail Chimp, Get Response, Send Reach and Campaign Monitor. While the listed services are good, but there are people who use other autoresponders for their marketing.


If Wunder banner can include autoresponders like iContact, Constant Contact, Infusion Soft, 1 Shopping Cart and Office Autopilot and keep on adding to its library of compatible autoresponders, it would become an indispensible marketing tool.

But if you look at things from a broader perspective, I don’t think it really matters. It covers the most widely used autoresponders and offers more than enough functionality to overlook that teensy compatibility issue.

Maybe the developers will take care of it in the update. But it falls in the ‘no big deal’ zone.

Final Verdict: If you’re a marketer selling your products, a blogger doing affiliate marketing and are looking for a way to convert looky-loos into customers or simply looking to engage with visitors and establish an online presence, wunder banner is for you.


If you order from the link above and take advantage of the Special Launch Price, here are the freebies that I’ll throw in for you:


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